Indonesian Youth Conference

I am glad that I had an awesome holiday, one of my experience during the holiday was attending IYC festival. 
Here’s the story. Enjoy 🙂

On Sunday, July 4, 2010 I attended “Indonesian Youth Conference Festival”. It’s an event made by my awesome friend, Alanda Kariza, with the committees for Indonesian youths. We were allowed to choose 5 seminar sessions with different themes according to our passion 🙂
I chose Education, Diplomacy, Activism / Volunteerism, Innovator Corner, and Entrepreneurship.
First session on Education began around 11.00 am. First speaker was Mr. Arief Rachman, a very inspiring and energetic man. He told us about Indonesian education system which is not ideal, indeed. There are few things he said that I remembered the most;
To achieve a success in education, we have to: 
1. Be faithful
As an example, cheating is somewhat a smart and creative way, we can copy one’s answer without one’s consciousness. But if we are devoted to God, and faithful, we won’t ever do so because it’s improper in our religion. I think it won’t bring us to a real success, because no matter how far we’ve gone, we won’t feel right if we did it in a prohibited way
2. Have a mature personality
3. Have an advanced knowledge and achievements
4. Have a sense of nationalism
5. Have a global perspective

I can’t explain everything here, so what I wrote up were just the key elements that you can interpret by yourself 🙂

Education is not only about maths and sciences and other subjects. It is about our potentials too. As a human, we have at least five fields of potentials: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, and physical. If we really develop these potentials in a balanced way, we can fulfill the real educational process. As a process, education has to stimulate us to have a vision. 
The next speaker was Mr. Beben Supandi Mulyana.
This saying of him inspire me very much:
“Every person is important. Try not to hurt anyone’s feeling. Because successful people are creating networks”

On diplomacy, we had Mr. Dino Patti Djalal and Mr. Fariz Mehdawi as the speakers. I was very interested in Mr. Dino’s “Modernisator”. While Mr. Mehdawi shares his opinion on the conflicts in Palestine. 

On activism/volunteerism, the speakers were from Coin a ChanceSatoe Indonesia, and Karina Primadhita. They told us about their real actions for their community & surroundings. I wasn’t really paying attention because it was held on the rooftop at noon, so you know how hot was it -___-

For the innovator corner talk, there were some of my friends in the crowd waiting in line to get in for the session. One of the speaker was a friend of mine from Indonesian Future Leaders , Guinandra Luthfan Jatikusumo. Some inspiring youths from Indonesian Youth Conference delegates itself, and a famous Indonesian blind blogger Ramaditya. This session inspires and motivates me so much because the speakers were still teenagers (even one of them is younger than me).

Last but not least, the most awaited one was about Entrepreneurship. The queue was inevitably long, crowds filled the stairs (the venue was on the 2nd floor if I’m not mistaken). When I was in line, the committee separated the crowds into two lines because the speakers was going upstairs. I said hi to kang Goris Mustaqim, mas Yoris Sebastian, and kak Muhammad Assad (I’ve known kang Goris and kak Assad before, and have heard mas Yoris’ talk in Regional Youth Leader Conference). The only one I didn’t know was Mr. Sandiaga Uno, and he asked me how I’m doing (apa kabar) even though I haven’t known him yet (Indonesian are friendly, guys :D). The session went well. One of my inspiring friend, Aisha, asked the speakers about entrepreneurship on the Q&A session. She’s the one who boost up my entrepreneurial spirit also 😀 After it finished, Aisha and I took a photograph with mas Yoris.

One thing about this event: it should be held routinely, for a better Indonesia


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