Departing For Umrah – July 2011

Alhamdulillah I got another chance to have another spiritual journey to the Holy Mecca last holiday 🙂
I went for Umrah trip with my parents and little brother, along with the whole jama’ah (group of people) and also Ustadz M. Arifin Ilham. Nearly 300 people were going, split into around 7 buses during the trip! The biggest number for the Umrah trip so far with ADzikra 🙂

I can’t write all the stories by words, but maybe these photos can tell you some of the stories 🙂

Departure time!

Picked up by Dad in King Abdul Aziz Airport 😀 (he arrived earlier)

Masjid Nabawi 🙂

Little Brother in front of Nabawi 😀

Shopping Mall Near Nabawi

Masjid Bir Ali (the miqat before umrah)

After Madinah al-Munawwarah, we went to Bir Ali mosque to prepare for Umrah 🙂
Next destination -> Mecca!


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