Makkah al-Mukarramah July 2011

Mom and Nazim (my little brother) were ready for Umrah!

Here’s when the Makkah journey began. We arrived around 1am in the morning and put our stuffs into the room (we stayed in Al-Safwah Royale Orchid Hotel) and straight to Masjidil Haram to do the Umrah. The mosque is always packed with people doing Umrah even in the midnight. Subhanallah.

Group from one of the buses. Can you imagine there were 7 buses of us?!

After doing Umrah, we also had a tour around places when Muslim do the Hajj (Muzdalifah, Arafah, etc.). Jabal Noor, Jabal Rahmah, are some hills we visited. I went with the groups from ADzikra by bus, while my parents and brother went to other Thaif by car.

Me @ Jabal Rahmah

A bit narcissistic picture, eh? Well, I went around comfortably using Dian Pelangi‘s gray dress, Aluyya outerwear, shawl from Nonieq, and a simple Next flat shoes.

My companion during the tour: pocket camera & Teh Kotak 🙂

Surprisingly, there was this Arabian teh kotak 😀 The next few days, I found out Indofood’s Sambal & Mie around Jeddah. Well, local brands were there too.

Beginning of Haram - 2nd Umrah!

After the tour, we went to Jironah mosque to do the next umrah.. Yeah, it is outside the Haram boundary, the nearest one.

Al-Tazaj chicken is a must!

This is my favourite one from Arab! Al-Tazaj chicken is a must eat when you go to Makkah (or other places in Arab).

Family @ Almasha'r Alharam Mosque - Muzdalifah

And, a picture with my family after dinner with the group in Muzdalifah 🙂
I wore Moroccan dress from my dad, a super cheap scarf I bought in Madinah, and Accesorize headband 🙂

This is just a random travel photo story, hope to inspire you in some ways.
Next destination after Makkah is Jeddah!


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