My summer trip ends in Jeddah. Yes, we were staying for one night only and then went straight to King Abdul Aziz Airport. I went to Jeddah with my mom and brother only because my father went there earlier.

En route to Jeddah

From Makkah to Jeddah, we passed this beautiful Quran gate πŸ™‚

@ Dad's Office

I was at my dad’s office in Jeddah. We did our prayer there and took a rest a little bit before going to the hotel.

Indonesian Chili Sauce "Indofood Sambal"

Surprisingly, there was Indofood Sambal in Jeddah. Well, I saw Indomie also but I didn’t expect to see this one! :p
My aunt in Jeddah brought that for us as they brought us some Samosa.

Some of My Relatives in Jeddah

They’re some of my relatives in Jeddah. Well, the boy and the girl (two from left) cannot speak Indonesian, but they can understand.

Peace, Bro!

The last day before going back, we went to floating mosque in Jeddah.. The picture of my brother was taken near the floating mosque.

I really want to go back there someday soon inshallah πŸ™‚


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