Say It

Today is Thanksgiving day and also Teacher’s Day in Indonesia.

I realize that my parents are my lifetime teachers. My mom and dad were already there when I was first born, taught me talk, walk, and raised me until today. I learnt a lot from them. And I still do. Since I moved to Bandung, more than 2 years ago, direct conversations with my parents rarely happen. No more dinner conversation at home as we lived apart. But it turns out that everytime I got the chance to have direct conversations with them, I can feel it deeply, more quality time, more insight from them, and sometimes I feel relieved.

When I became more open to them, I really do feel they’re the one I should listen to. And I love them more and more.

Just say it, everything you need to say to your parents.

They’re too precious to be ignored, and just throw your reticent behavior to them. They’d be glad to listen all 🙂






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