Youthful Spirit!

Youthful spirit. I am feeling it immensely during 27 months in campus. So many events, organizations, projects, and activities which involved another youths in my college life. Positive energy is spreading. Even though there are ups and downs in the process, I believe the positive energy, especially among youths, will continue to spread to make a better Indonesia.

The last two events I attended, and helped to organize are IFL Youth Night and Workshop on Youth Activism and Roadshow Indonesia Mengajar (an education movement in which selected young people are sent to rural areas in Indonesia to teach the kids there for 1 year, sure a life-changing experience I presume).

IFL Youth Night and Workshop on Youth Activism
A series of events held by Indonesian Future Leaders Bandung Chapter which aim to gather Bandung youths in an inspiring night with some notable speakers on youth activism, and also to prepare some selected participants to create their own social ventures (from the workshop). My time and energy was fully spent for this event in the 3rd weekend of November. Although there are still many mistakes and problems, at least I learnt. We learnt. I and IFL Bandung staffs and volunteers learnt to organize this kind of event, as we hope this event will be sustainable in Bandung, to recharge the spirit of collaboration among youths.
There are plenty of youth organizations in Bandung. Bandung itself is known as a creative city, where great ideas are born from the creative youths inside. But not all the young people realized that they can optimize their potentials through these places. So, it is somehow important to introduce the creative communities to young people who haven’t unleash their own potentials. Besides, the collaboration between the communities and movements is also needed in today’s borderless era. I am hoping to see another youth nights and workshops, and of course the realization of the projects which were born in the workshop πŸ™‚

Roadshow Indonesia Mengajar
Tuesday, Nov 29, 2011. I came to Sabuga right after class in the morning around 10am. I volunteered for roadshow “Indonesia Mengajar” with some friends. I and Wena became the liaison officer in that day. I was the LO for the sponsors of the event and also for Iwan Setiawan (Indonesian inspiring writer, he wrote “9 Summers 10 Autumns” book that has touched so many people); Wena was the LO for 14 kids from SDN Langensari, the performers for the event closing. It turns out that I didn’t have much work to do after I contacted the sponsors representatives and finished the business. I only had to accompany Mr. Iwan Setiawan when he came to the roadshow. When he finally came, he told me not to accompany him because he wouldn’t attend the event, he just came by just to say hi to Mr. Anies Baswedan (founder of “Indonesia Mengajar”) because he had to be in class to give a guest lecture in ITB. My first encounter with him was in YoungOnTop National Conference. I was so inspired and I told him that I was there. Then, I just accompanied him to meet Mr. Anies, and I saw them having a short positive conversation. I was amazed to see two successful figures having a positive conversation humbly. Yes, they were very humble. Mr. Iwan gave appreciation to Mr. Anies, and vice versa. I imagine if someday I can be successful like them and still keep on low-profile πŸ™‚
After I did my job, I accompanied Wena with the kids in the backstage, 14 kids, they were 5th graders and some were 6th graders. Of course, they’re naughty. But that’s the challenge for us. We had to make sure those 14 little angels stay around and be ready for their performance. When we were waiting, two of “Pengajar Muda” (Indonesia Mengajar alumni) came to the backstage and sit around with the kids. They paid full attention to Kak Dika & Kak Firman (“Kak” is Indonesian way of saying elder brother/sister) *sighed* The kids were finally quiet. So the experience gained from a one year teaching in rural areas did have significant effects after all, I really appreciate how Pengajar Muda can deal with the kids πŸ™‚ And I am hoping someday I can have the chance to become the part of Indonesia Mengajar too.

Taken from @meganovetrishka's Instagram

There are just so many positive youth movements right now in Indonesia. What we can do now as a youth is to take the chances and show our best! πŸ™‚ Don’t waste your time doing nothing or being confused on what to choose. Do something and if you fail, take another way which suits you πŸ™‚ Living without failure is not living anyway.



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