Happy New Year!

Hello January, hello 2012! Happy new year everyone 🙂

How was your New Years Eve?

I spent with with my family in my Aunt’s house. We had a backyard barbecue together, watched MU vs Blackburn, with the kids’ noises. At eleven o’clock, I started to put on make-up for myself and my sister and my cousin :p We did a little photoshoot after that.  Then I went home, have the 00.00 January 1st moment inside my car. (Yes, New Year happened on my way home).
Marshmallow Sticks!

nose in a hole
Kathya’s nose in the cardboard hole :p

Eat that sausage!
Aisyah with the sausage

Sister-Aunt-Cousin-Me (Upper Side), Aunt-Mom (Bottom)
My Aunt was helping my sister with her Hijab
My sister and my cousin, make up by me :p

Stay tuned for my next post for some photos from NYE photoshoot 😉
Have an #awesome2012!


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