Lesson Learned: Holiday

Holiday is officially over.
I’m back to college, new subjects (I’m sure this semester is gonna be exciting), and back to tons of activities to do. January is almost over too. As I reflect upon the days that have passed in 2012, I learned a lot.

There are probably several things I haven’t achieved during this holiday as what I’ve planned before. But that’s alright, at least from my 9 list, there have been some to-dos are accomplished, on progress, and postponed. In some ways, we know that Allah The Almighty is always be the One Who Decides. No matter how well we’ve planned something, it doesn’t always run smoothly as we imagined.

Early January my Dad was sick, he had a dengue fever and needed to be hospitalized. So I gotta take care of my family at that time. Soon after that, I spent my holiday doing thing I’d like to do. I did a photo shoot with my friends who are fond of photography with the theme “fashion”. We didn’t get tired because it was so much fun. I also did another photo shoot for my friend’s online shop. All the cameras that I used were my friends’, because mine hasn’t been repaired yet -_-”

This holiday I met some of my friends and went to see Mission Impossible 4 movie, Sherlock Holmes 2, The Billionaire, etc. I also watched New Years Eve movie with my college friends and that really makes me want to spend New Years Eve in New York City someday (hopefully I can see NYC this February). On the other hand, I also met some professionals, came to another meeting with my parents and their business partners.

In the last week of my holiday, I got a high fever. I was sick for about 5 days, unfortunately. Then I spent the rest of the weekend having fun, getting knowledge, and making new friends at a trip to Belitung! 🙂
I’ll share some stories from my activities during this holiday later!

Live your holiday like holiday while you still have it! Travel and explore new places, meet new people, do awesome stuffs, and keep learning!

Cheers from Lombok International Airport! Taking off soon 🙂


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