Purlasaur Handmade Necklace : D.I.Y.

I made “Purlasaur” on the first day of January 🙂 I call it Purlasaur because the beads look like Dinosaur teeth and they’re purple :p

I made Purlasaur from some materials that I bought last year (yeah, literally, like a long time ago).

These things are needed to create Purlasaur: wire, beads (I pick this kind of dino teeth beads), pliers, black necklace.


1. First thing to do is put the beads into the wire one by one.
2. After placing one piece to the wire, use your pliers to rounded the wire so that it locked.
3. Begin to place another wire to your rounded wire and place the beads in.
4. Do the steps above until you find the beads are sufficient for your neck.
5. Use your pliers to unplug the black necklace, and put both ends to the ends of the beads.
6. You just made your own Purlasaur! Good luck 🙂



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