From CGK to JFK via AUH


February 13th is the D-day. I and 17 delegates from ITB for HNMUN 2012 are flying off for our journey. The start was not that smooth though. I got to face two unexpected and unusual traffic before arriving at Soekarno Hatta International Airport. The traffic light near my home was off so I was stuck there for more than an hour. After that, I continued my way to the airport reaching the toll road. But before reaching that toll road, there was another traffic which was pretty unusual. I was so nervous and all I could do was pray to God so I can catch my flight. Luckily, I was finally arrived at the airport and everything went smoothly inside so I could get in time.

6.40 pm (WIB) the journey began. My first flight was from Jakarta to Abu Dhabi. It took me around 8 hours to get to Abu Dhabi International Airport. During the flight, I did eat and sleep and enjoy the inflight entertainment. I watched Johnny English Reborn and laughed out loud (indeed :p I haven’t watched it before). I like Etihad, been flying with it several times and the service is good. One of the coolest things we did there was giving a birthday surprise! One of my friends, Ezra, was having his birthday. He was sleeping when we were about to give the birthday surprise. The stewardess came to his seat bringing some glasses of orange juice. We woke him up and sang “Happy Birthday” together. As a gift, my friend was allowed to go into the cockpit after landing. Such an awesome gift (maybe next time I should pretend having a birthday in Etihad :p).


I spent ten hours in Abu Dhabi international airport. Yeah, a long wait for the next flight to New York. Fortunately I could use the wifi to activate my phone and iPad so I could communicate with people I’ve missed 🙂 What I did on the airport was pretty much the same like in plane, eat, sleep, pray, etc. And I met a cute little baby boy with his mom in the praying room (musholla) and played with him during tahajud time in the musholla.


I ate twice in the airport, first one was a slice of big pizza (I did share with Sitin) and the second one was Burger King Whopper. I didn’t give out any cash to pay those meals because the first one was paid using a meal voucher from Etihad and the latter was Ezra’s birthday treats!


Abu dhabi international airport hasn’t changed since my last transit on last July. What makes it different was probably the romantic atmosphere because it’s Valentine’s day :p I saw a cute couple waiting in the gate and took their pic. Look how sweet :p


The flight to John F Kennedy airport took even longer, 14 hours. Literally, 14 hours flight from Abu Dhabi to New York. And finally I landed on JFK around 4 pm eastern time. The journey still hasn’t ended yet. We got to catch a bus to go to Boston at 1 am the next day. So, we spent the night in Times Square. Two words: awesome & lovely! (it was still Valentine’s day!)

See you on the next post!



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