First day in Boston: Destination Harvard & MIT


A river between Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School

I finally arrived in Boston early in the morning, February 15th.
I stayed in Boston Park Plaza Hotel where the Harvard National Model United Nations conference was held. It is located in Arlington street. After checked in to the hotel, I and the delegation of ITB went to City Place for lunch (fyi, it’s the nearest food court) and went to Harvard. We went to Harvard using subway and change lines once until we arrived at Harvard station. I was so excited to finally see Harvard. I went inside and took some picture, and because it is so big, I decided to find the information center and asked straight away where the Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School are located. Before reaching the information center, I passed by Harvard Book Store and bought a discounted book (Triumph of The City) and also “Green Infrastructure” book.
I just passed by HKS and HBS and took some pictures. I didn’t know where exactly is the admission office in those schools, so I didn’t ask question about my dream schools. All I know was they’re just huge and I want to come back there someday. Later, I bought a super delicious salted caramel froyo in pink berry ☺
After Harvard, I went to Kendall station to visit MIT. At that time, I was really tired. So, I just went around for a while and took a picture in front of the main building. I decided to go back to Harvard and MIT some time this weekend.
In my opinion, Harvard is very nice and classic. The atmosphere is very good for studying. It has a nice surrounding, shops, and restaurants. On the other hand, MIT really shows its technological advance by providing more futuristic and “engineering-like” buildings. The facilities are also high-tech ☺ I felt a calm yet modern atmosphere around MIT.

Boston, February 15, 2012.


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