Boston – DC – NY (part. 1)

Last February I went to Boston, Washington D.C., and New York City with 17 friends as ITB delegation for Harvard National Model United Nations 2012. The journey was all packed with knowledge, laughter, and other amazing things. (I know this is a late blog post, but it’s better to share late than never, no? :p)


I was the faculty advisor for ITB delegation in Harvard Model United Nations 2012 so I had to attend some meetings and sessions beside observing ITB delegation and keep their spirit high. In HNMUN 2012, the number of delegation from Indonesia expanded, some universities were sending their first delegation for HNMUN. As for ITB, this was its 7th delegation (if I’m not mistaken). The flow of the conference was getting high on the second and third day, and on the last day each committees were supposed to have a draft resolution voted. It was an amazing opportunity to have seen the process of the caucus – moderated or unmoderated – where thousands of students from all over the world exchange their ideas and tried to persuade one another in the spirit of diplomacy. The delegates must have been experiencing a tense and challenging debate, as the flow was heating up as time went by. A different story might come from the advisors. Beside meetings about the conference, we had the chance to attend some sessions such as watching a documentary film about human rights, discussion about Model UN around the world, etc. Above all, I and my friends from ITB delegation were very glad in the end because Gichi and Hendra won honorable mention for Legal Committee. Such a precious moment 🙂

Beside the conference, there were another stories from Boston. It is a nice place, clean, not crowded, and an ideal one for studying (as two best uni are in Boston — Harvard, MIT).  For food in Boston, I usually had my breakfast in seven eleven (yeah, it’s cheap there..) or in au bon pain (they have good red velvet cupcakes, and many kinds of soups). For lunch, Osaka Express is a Japanese fast food kiosk which serves a delicious teriyaki in big portion. But if you have this for lunch in 5 consecutive days, you’ll get bored 🙂 I went to Quincy Market for dinner with ITB delegation once, and they have so many good-looking food. I bought two of them, and I ended up cannot finish them because of their gigantic portion, and the taste isn’t as good as it looks like :p
After Boston, I went to Washington D.C. by bus. It took hours until I finally got to see the capital city of the United States.
The story is then to be continued..


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