Boston – DC – NY (part. 2)

Continuing my previous post about Boston, now it’s time to move to DC 🙂

Washington DC is the capital city of the United States of America. There are many huge governmental buildings spread neatly and separated by wide roads. Every decision made by the US government is actually discussed here, in DC. National Mall in Washington DC comprises of some important buildings such as The White House, US Capitol Building, and some monuments. From here, world’s everyday situation can be influenced, another part of the world can be more fortunate or less fortunate. I got the chance to visit US Capitol Building, it was so awesome. What I can suggest before you travel to these governmental buildings is that you make sure you read all the requirements from the website and of course book the tour. Because in some buildings, some liquids are not allowed to be brought inside. One of my friends had to throw away her perfume just because of that.
IMG_3626 IMG_3810

Beside huge governmental buildings, there are some huge museums too in Washington DC. Smithsonian museums, as they may be called. If you’re familiar with a movie called “Night at The Museum”, you can probably imagine how the Natural History Museum looks like. There are many kinds of museums in DC, from Air and Space Museum to Art Museum. Most of them are free, everyone can get inside and get some knowledge, be amazed by the things and shows inside. I really like those museums, I hope someday I can bring my children to those museums and let them enjoy learning by visiting museums.
IMG_3744 IMG_3858 Not forget to mention that I went to Indonesian Embassy in the USA. I ate Indonesian food there 🙂
And also met my lecturer who acted as education attaché in the past months.
Another thing about food in DC is the well-known Georgetown Cupcake. For me, as I like to watch the TV show “DC Cupcakes” and really enjoy good food, I was very excited to try Georgetown Cupcake. It was really worth a try.
IMG_3919 IMG_3937

Another story comes from New York. I felt like in a dream, uh I mean, like in a movie. The places around are the setting of many movies and tv series. Central park is huge and very nice. I also went to some of the places where Gossip Girl series were filmed. Here are some snapshots.. and see you on the next blog post!
IMG_3980 IMG_4038 IMG_4044 IMG_4054 IMG_4070


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