7 Hours in Solo

I went to Solo on that Sunday, March 26th 2012 to accompany my Mom. That was my first time to Solo and I was very excited!
Why do I really want to go to Solo? Because I’ve heard many good stories about Solo. From the very cool mayor (Mr. Jokowi) until the mouthwatering yet hidden culinary treasures inside. I spent only about 7 hours in Solo. Yeah, I accompanied Mom for the opening of the travel agent (Andiarta Wisata) in Sragen, Solo. Eventhough I only spent 7 hours here, I already fell in love with Solo.

First thing that came to my mind when I arrived in Solo for the first time was “a nice airport”. Solo has a clean and nice airport. My Mom said that airports in several cities have been improved too, like in Makassar. Then I went to a local restaurant and had some Javanese brunch. After that, I went straight to Sragen for the opening of the travel agent. Hundreds of people were there, because we had a “Dhikr” together with Ust. Muhammad Arifin Ilham before the opening. Alhamdulillah it went well. That’s the only reason we were coming to Solo actually.

In the afternoon, the plane was a bit delayed and I had a spare time before going back to Jakarta. So I decided to meet my high school friend, Nur and Fitri. I haven’t met them for years. Finally I could meet them in Solo, where they are studying. We met in the airport and they took me sightseeing around Solo and finally we had an afternoon meal in Soto Gading.

After spending time with my friends, I went back to the airport to wait for the flight. I and my Mom were accompanied by Mr. Tardi and his wife. Mr. Tardi is an entrepreneur, formerly “Tukang Bakso” — “Bakso Seller”. I listened to his stories when he was a Bakso seller, he gathered another sellers from around Indonesia and made a community so that they can learn from each other. His leadership has made him who he is now, a brave entrepreneur. He also organized traditional craftsmen in Solo so they are developing, and had brought them to have exhibitions abroad.

The beauty of Solo is not only lies on its ambience and appearance, culinary and travel, but also on the hearts of its people.


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