Trip to Belitung!

In the middle of May, right after exams were finished, I had another family getaway to Belitung. We joined a trip with some friends.

Anyway, it’s Belitung, where I’ve been dreaming of going there since I first read Laskar Pelangi, a novel by Indonesian Andrea Hirata (it was filmed and made a huge success, the setting of the film was amazingly beautiful, so I had wished to come there!).
Belitung, or if written by some Indonesian-Malay accent is Belitong, is a small island in western part of Indonesia, Sumatera. The airport is very small and when I landed there it was the only plane. I spent 3 days in Belitung and I went to Lengkuas Island on the very first day. But before going there, we ate seafood first on the beachside.
IMG_9870 IMG_9875
Lengkuas Island is about 30mins by boat from Belitung. It is naturally beautiful with the combination of blue purple sky and turquoise-blue water and smooth white sands. What makes it special is because there is an old lighthouse with 18 floors in Lengkuas Island. We can also enjoy the water here (maybe swim a little bit!).
IMG_9986 IMG_0039 IMG_0053

There was a surprise when I went to Lengkuas Island, the rainbow came! I really felt the sense of Laskar Pelangi as it is named (Rainbow Troops) 🙂
IMG_0048 On the second day, I went to the replica of SD Muhammadiyah (as in Laskar Pelangi movie). It was built for shooting the film and tv series according to the description of the writer. It is now become another tourist attraction in Belitung where people can see and feel how it is like to have a school like that. When I was en route to that school replica, I passed by one of the real school in Belitung and see an interesting statement on their front gate  “Aku Datang Untuk Belajar” (“I Come To Learn”). I think it is a good statement to be placed in front of the school, I imagine how it will burn the spirit of the kids there!
IMG_0121 On the second night (which means the last night), we had a dinner in another seafood restaurant. There was a talkshow and some orphans were invited there and we gave them charity (sedekah as in Bahasa, or shodaqoh in Arabic). This is the value of the trip where we’re not only having fun in the trip, but also sharing and giving charity. On that night, my family gave a surprise birthday cake for Alif, my nephew. He turned 11 on the next day! 🙂
The last day was spent to buy some souvenirs and snacks from Belitung and to visit Belitung traditional house, eat their traditional food in a traditional way, and eat their popular Mie Belitung!
IMG_0260 IMG_0361

It was a really enjoyable trip and Belitung is such a considerable option if you want to have a weekend getaway!


2 responses to “Trip to Belitung!

  1. waw, it was an awesome trip i’ve ever joined. just like the tagline “we share the happiness”,
    i got a new family there. enjoyed the sun, beaches, sea and the food also hhe :D. mia, it is better to post more pictures here on your topic.
    overall, the trip was great.
    hopefully, i wish i could join the next #nfqtrip.
    nice story mia 🙂

    warmest regards, ‘brad’

    • thank you brad for your kind comment! i was actually planning to post more photos on the upcoming posts, some posts will be all-photos 🙂 stay tune!

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