Living Far Away from My Parents

Hello readers!

I finally start blogging about my current life here in Japan. Yeah, I’ve been staying here since the end of May. My parents accompanied me to Japan, are they being too sweet? Or probably they want to see Japan? I think they do really care about me, as their youngest daughter, their ‘supposed to be youngest child’ — not before my little brother was born. However, living far away from home had come into my mind that early since I was in junior high school.

Let’s flash back to my old times.

I was still in junior high school when my late sister was living in the United Kingdom. I went to visit her for the first time when I was in junior high school, my first time to come to UK. After that, what I had in mind was to go to an Islamic High School in the UK, then continue to London School of Economics for a bachelor degree. Sounds awesome, eh? But the reality was different. I went to 8 State Senior High School, the same as my sister, Putri. (I’ve been following her school since I was in elementary school! Pffft..).

My intention to study abroad didn’t stop in Junior High School. I took an accelerated class (again) in high school, which means that I was graduating with my sister, in the same year, 2009. With only two years in high school, I prepared many options for university. Finally what I had as my target were Japan, Singapore, and the last but not least, Indonesia. I wanted to study Nuclear Engineering in Tokyo (sounds creepy, eh?). But the struggle stopped when I had to be hospitalized because of dengue fever (yet I found out I was also too tired because of having Japanese courses ’til late at night).

More effort I put for studying in Singapore, my choices were SMU, NTU and NUS. I took SAT course and never got tired (ok sometimes I was tired) of those thick SAT books and also studied A Level through an international course near home. For NUS, I didn’t pass the first selection. For SMU, I had taken 2 SAT tests but it hasn’t met the requirement (even though they were improving and already close..). But Allah did choose the best for me. I was accepted in NTU (Nanyang Technological University Singapore) on Maritime Studies (in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department).

However, at the end, I didn’t take the chance to study in Singapore because my parents thought it will be hard to have 2 daughters living far away from them, one in Bandung (my sister), one in Singapore. Moreover, I was only 16 at that time! How can they not be scared, after an unexpected case for Indonesian student in NTU back then. I agreed and finally studied in ITB since 2009, majoring in Urban and Regional Planning.

All I can say now is just a grateful feeling, alhamdulillah. For Allah has chosen this way for me. If I had studied abroad back then, I don’t know if I can make it to Japan now, or other opportunity I had before (twice to USA, once to Malaysia, and even once to Singapore, etc) during my university days. Another funny thing is now I am also in the Civil and  Environmental Engineering Department, but with a different concentration, here is more about urban design and landscape planning. A new subject for me, learning from zero.

Keep on dreaming and make many small steps to reach it, I have dreamed of studying abroad since in junior high school, and I can do it now. Yeah, it took me 6 YEARS, but it will be worth it 🙂

So, what is it like to live far away from my parents? From any comfort and easiness in Indonesia?

I am still here, survive, and becoming more independent. Doing everything all by myself 🙂 Trying to be closer to Allah, as there’s no one can make me feel safe except Allah the Creator.
Yeah, I do miss them, my parents, family, friends in Indonesia. But we’re in the borderless world now, I guess. So, there should be nothing to worry about, we can do Skype, chat, etc. Only their real presence that I really miss though 🙂

I will do my best here, Mom and Dad.


The picture above is when I was with them in Saitama University, before living alone, more stories about my life in Japan coming soon!


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