3 Days Around Japan with Parents

Hey there!

As I’ve mentioned on my previous blog post, my parents accompanied me to Japan and stayed for 3 days, before I live by myself here (for 2 months).

So, we stayed in Urawa Washington Hotel, which I thought is quite expensive for such a small hotel. We didn’t go around much, just went to Parco and Cocoon (2 shopping centers near Urawa Station), and had a good food there 🙂 Japanese food, and all matcha drinks & scone 🙂

IMG_0657 IMG_0666

On the next day, I’ve been scheduled to come to Saitama University to meet Dr. Gulira, the director for international exchange program, and my supervisor here, Prof. Yoichi Kubota. My parents wanted to meet them, they wanted to know the people who will be responsible for my stay here. And of course my father really wanted to meet Prof. Kubota because he used to be a planner, my father is an alumni of ITB’s Urban and Regional Planning also.
IMG_0673 We were welcomed by Dr. Gulira, Prof. Nakamoto, and Watanabe-san in the office, talked about my stay here, and they gave me the orientation about facing earthquake. They are all very friendly. It is such an amazing thing to be warned and told about the earthquake from early on, as I first came to SaiDai (Saitama Daigaku – Saitama University). Later I found out it is useful (yeah I’ve experienced earthquake once here).
IMG_0678 After meeting them, I went to my building (research and project building of environmental science and technology department) and met Prof. Kubota. He also welcomed us and we talked for a while, from there I found out he has done many amazing developments in Japan, and he had so many experiences and still busy until now. Around Saitama city, the latest development was in Saitama-shintoshin. So, we went there afterwards. Yeah, it has more advanced development than other places in Saitama. It was very windy when I came to Saitama-shintoshin, we couldn’t be outside for so long so we decided to grab some meal in a café (another good food).
IMG_0684 IMG_0685 IMG_0698 On the last day, I and my parents went to Tokyo, particularly Ueno and Shibuya. We had a touching experience back then in Ueno. So we bought some stuff in a shop inside the station. Then my Mom wanted to use the souvenir machine and put some ¥10, ¥5 and ¥1 coins. She didn’t read the sign to put some ¥100 instead. So the machine didn’t work and the staff had to open it. They managed to open it and tried to collect all my Mom’s coins but it was hard. There were still some ¥1 and ¥5 inside, and my Mom said that was OK. So, we went out the shop and waited on the street side to cross. The staff of that shop suddenly came to us (on the street side) and gave some ¥5 to my mom. We were surprised that she came to us only to give those money that my mom said it was ok. Then we crossed the street, heading to Ueno Park. Unexpectedly, she came again to us, gave my mom the rest of the ¥1 coins. Can you imagine that? She did cross the street and found us just to give the money. How beautiful is their attitude.
My Dad said here they showed what supposed to be called akhlaqul karimah (a noble, pure, best manner in Islam). The people are mostly trustworthy here. Subhanallah. How do you see people in Islamic countries? Do they perform Akhlaqul Karimah? This is what we supposed to be concerned about, evaluate ourselves and try to be better 🙂
From Ueno, we headed to Shibuya, went out the station through Hachiko exit and took pictures near Hachiko statue. Well, hello again Hachiko! 🙂 We only went to Uniqlo to buy some clothes (they are quite affordable and have good quality!) and after that went back to Urawa.
IMG_0728IMG_0736 That was all about the trip with my parents, on June 1st I said goodbye to them (it was a very sad moment) and started living by myself in Saitama University International House (I-House) 🙂

See you on the next story!


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