Alone = Lonely, no?

Starting on June 1st, I moved into the International House of Saitama University. When I first came here, the room was still empty, bed sheets are stacked on bed, and the electricity was still off. There I was, living alone until now. There are some points I feel different when I live here alone.

1. More Independent

Of course, I do everything all by myself here. (No, it’s not Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” song :p). It’s a real thing, I cook, clean up, wash and iron clothes, put away trash into separate waste containers, until change the lamp when it’s off. Probably it’s all a lot easier in Indonesia. But this time I learn much and I think it’s a valuable lesson to become more independent. πŸ™‚

2. Managing Yourself, Managing Your Time

By doing everything myself, and even the research here will also depend on my schedule. I learn to manage myself. How many hours I spend to do the housework, when to go out, etc.

3. Have a Companion

Yeah, it is often I go out by myself. But sometimes I go out with my friends too. If possible, I can ask my friend here to accompany me, or maybe when he/she offered me to go, then I’ll go with him/her. This is an important part when living alone but no lonely feeling πŸ™‚ I have some friends in Japan, but not everyone are living close by, so I have to contact friends who live nearby or make new friends here πŸ™‚ So far, I always spend my weekend with friends.

4. Join Community Event

As an Indonesian, there are a lot of Indonesian communities here. I joined a bi-weekly islamic study in Okachimachi with other Indonesian. This is another way to make friend, and of course to learn Islam. Lately I attended another Islamic study event in Sekolah Republik Indonesia Tokyo (SRIT) because I was interested with the theme (Sharia Economy & Business). I came there alone, but when I arrived, I met a friend whom I met in Okachimachi πŸ™‚ Such a coincidence, eh? And also make new friends. Beside national communities, we can join other international students or even community in Japan. For me, I took Japanese free lesson with other international students in Saitama University every Thursday.

5. Keep Contact in Distance

Yeah, I surely miss my family and friends, always. I do Skype at least weekly with them. I always keep contact through mobile phone though. This is important, not forgetting to keep in touch with your loved ones in distance πŸ™‚ And this doesn’t make me that lonely :p

5. Be Closer to Allah!

Definitely. Allah is the Only One I can seek refuge in. No matter how you feel safe here, unlike in Indonesia probably, but only Allah who can truly guide you. I attend the islamic study regularly too keep learning more about Islam. Whenever I go home late, never forget to do dhikr, and one of my favorite sentences is “Hasbunallaahu wa ni’mal wakil, ni’mal mawlaa wa ni’man nashiir.” which comprises the part of two different verses of Al-Qur’an. Β The first part means “Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us) –Β Cukuplah Allah menjadi Penolong kami dan Allah adalah sebaik-baik Pelindung.” QS Ali-Imran (3): 173, and the latter part means “(what) an Excellent Maula, and (what) an Excellent Helper –Β Dia adalah sebaik-baik Pelindung dan sebaik-baik Penolong.” QS Al-Anfaal (8):40.

Those are some points that I feel important when living alone. It’s almost one month, hope I do survive for only two months here πŸ™‚


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