Life in Japan : First Week

Hello again, readers!

It’s kinda hard to find the right time to blog here *or am I just too lazy* :p

Anyway, I’ll tell some stories from my current life in Japan. Starting at the 1st week here (alone). I basically do my works on weekdays, and hang out on weekends. So, the ‘traveling’ part will be mainly done on weekends.

On my first weekend, I was invited by Mbak Dewi to watch her son’s piano presentation in Plaza West, Saitama. Mbak Dewi is an Indonesian who has lived in Saitama for about 11years. She stayed with her husband, who is an alumni of Saitama University, and 2 sons. The elder brother is Eka, while the younger is Aziz. I am happy to have them both here, kinda feel like having little brothers πŸ™‚ *I really do miss my little brother Haydar Ali Nazim!
IMG_0780-2 It was really nice to see the piano presentation because I like classical music πŸ™‚ I often watch my nephew’s piano and violin presentation back in Jakarta. On that day, I wasn’t only watching it with Mbak Dewi’s family, but also Mbak Mia and her son (alright, she is called Mia too :)). Seeing Mbak Dewi as a housewife who lives abroad and taking her son to piano presentation really did remind me of my late sister, Mbak Ia (May Allah grant her Jannah, aamiin). Moreover, Mbak Mia looks like my late sister Mbak Ia :’) I really could picture how my late sister were, as a housewife, brought her kids to piano and violin class, and yeah she lived abroad, in the UK, and Malaysia. How I really missed her at that time πŸ™‚
IMG_0803-2 On Sunday, I went to Okachimachi, to Assalam Masjid. I went there with Mbak Dewi’s family. We attended a bi-weekly islamic study. So far, I’ve come there 3 times πŸ™‚ and I really liked it, the Mosque is super cute (I love the color :p) and of course, I can learn more about Islam and meet other sisters in Islam from Indonesia or even Japan πŸ™‚ And anyway, we always have lunch together afterwards (free lunch inside Masjid :p)
IMG_0805-2 IMG_0825-2 For the weekdays on my 2nd week, I spent on the lab and around Saitama University. I observed the campus and captured some stuffs. I come home early if I am fasting on Monday/Thursday because I need to prepare the food for Ifthar. So on my first week, I kinda always eat what I have in home, food from Indonesia :p Then I finally bought some halal chicken for the following week πŸ˜€
IMG_0897-2 IMG_0836-2So, this is just my first story of “Life in Japan” series. I’ll make a brief story every week and post another random or detailed stuff on different titles πŸ™‚

By the way, is it my 5th week now? :p

See you on the next post!


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