Life in Japan : Second Week

Hi there! Konnichiwa! 😀

Second week had been more interesting in Japan. Well, let’s start calling the week from weekend to weekdays :p Because what I told before on Life in Japan : First Week was started from weekend :p On my second weekend, I already arranged to meet 2 of my friends who study in Japan. The first one is Kiky, my junior high school friend, studying in Gunma University. The second one is Tama, my IFL friend who is now studying in Japan under an exchange program for 1 year.

I met Kiky in Kita Urawa station, the second nearest station from Saitama Daigaku. Then we went to Shinjuku to have lunch. Actually we were supposed to meet Kiky’s friend in Shinjuku, but we didn’t meet in the station, so then we just go after 1 hour of waiting. We had lunch in a Pakistani restaurant, ate curry 😉 Halal food in Japan are usually curry with nan or rice, either from India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh, the food are alike. So I ordered the cheapest meal, which was around 750yen perhaps *that is not cheap at all!*, but I got the salad, curry, and nan (bread). I chose nan over rice because I want to try the nan. Surpriiiseee… It was HUGE. 😮
IMG_0905-2 We continued our day to Shibuya to go shopping (I need some shoes because I only had sandals). I finally went to H&M and bought some discounted products, best buy so far was a cardigan for only 500yen! *it supposed to cost about 1000yen or so*. Then I found the shoes that fit in me on Bershka. It’s hard to find women shoes at 40-41 size in Japan, especially not for Japan original products, they don’t have big feet I guess.
IMG_0914-2 After that, we met Tama and had an evening meal *oh not so evening actually, it was still around 5pm if I’m not mistaken. We ate Turkish kebab in Shibuya. After eating together, Kiky went to watch her friend’s acapella performance. So then Tama and I decided to go to Starbucks to see Shibuya from above (only from the 2nd floor anyway). It was raining the whole day, so we saw hundreds of umbrellas from above 🙂 After that we went back.

On the weekdays, I started to cook for myself because I’ve bought halal chicken from Saitama Masjid. Yeah, there is a small mosque nearby Saitama University. So, my first attempt was making a hot & sweet chicken, with thai chili and sweet soy sauce and garlic :). It was surprisingly nice, though I didn’t try it before because I was still fasting when I cooked it. Beside cooking, I started to do my field visit. I went to several parks to decide which parks are for my research. So, I went to Akisage Park, Kita Urawa Park, and Omiya Park.
IMG_0948-2 IMG_1001-2 Akisage Park and Omiya Park are both huge, while Kita Urawa is big. From those three, I choose Kita Urawa Park to be one of the sites for my research because it’s the smallest from those three, and I can just take a bus to there. Akisage Park is very close, I can walk to reach it but it is too big. While Omiya Park is about 20 minutes walk from Omiya station (and I have to take bus, and train before, time-consuming). On Thursday evening, I made an iPad case by myself. It took a lot of effort because it was my first time making it, but I really like it 🙂
IMG_1109-2IMG_1114-2 IMG_1115-2

So, yeah, some highlights of the second week 🙂 Hope to see you on the post about my 3rd week here soon!


5 responses to “Life in Japan : Second Week

  1. Halo Assalamualaikum Mbak Samia Safa,
    Salam kenal. Mau nanya2 dong soal SaiDai. Kebetulan saya dan istri rencananya mulai akhir Januari 2015 mau ada program exchange disana untuk 3 bulan. Saya sudah request untuk tinggal di International House, tapi saya belum dapat info yang cukup jelas tentang fasilitas yang ada di I-house. Boleh tolong kasi saya gambaran ga, fasilitas yang udah ada disana tu apa aja ya kira2? Dan, apa kira2 yang nggak ada dan perlu saya bawa dari luar Jepang.
    Terimakasih banyak.

    • Waalaykumussalam, salam kenal juga ya.
      Wah, iya biasanya yang exchange bisa tinggal disana, fasilitasnya cukup lengkap di dalam kamar sdh ada rak, lemari, meja, kamar mandi di dalam serta dapur (ada kompornya dan wastafel). Jadi paling yang perlu bawa sendiri seperti rice cooker. Utk peralatan biasanya beli ke toko serba 100-yen (hyaku-en shop) di dekat SaiDai. Kalau untuk 3 bulan saya rasa tidak perlu terlalu banyak bawaan, inshaAllah disana bisa dicari juga.
      Di Saitama jg ada beberapa keluarga Indonesia yang muslim, inshaAllah bisa bertemu disana ya. Saat saya 2 bulan dulu memang ada juga mahasiswa S2 dari Indo yang sdg studi, jd cukup terbantu. Semoga sukses dan lancar utk Mas & istri ya.

      • Terimakasih banyak infonya.. Berarti sudah cukup lengkap ya.. Oh ya, soal rice cooker, sebaiknya beli di jepang apa bawa dari luar ya?? Soalnya denger2 di jepang kan tegangannya 110V ya, ga kaya di Indonesia.

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