Life in Japan : Third Week

Hi there!

Been a long time not posting, I’m kinda busy with stuffs here and there in Indonesia 🙂 So, here it goes my “old” story about my third week *and currently it’s about 2 weeks left! uh oh..

So I spent my Saturday at home in the morning. In my third week. Yeah, did some housework and stuffs, then went to Kawaguchi in the afternoon with Kak Frengki. Kak Frengki invited me to come with him to Kawaguchi to meet a Japanese man, who used to live in Indonesia for several years. His name is Emi-san. We met him at the station and he brought us to a nearby café to grab a tea and chat. He’s about 70-ish years old now, but he really doesn’t look like one. Japanese old people are still strong and healthy, independent and not lazy.

He told us some stories back then when he was living in Indonesia. He told us that he did couple of business, from oil and gas, mining, to fisheries.. Yeah, some shrimps in Japan are also from Indonesia. It felt ironic when a foreigner knows better about your country’s resources than yourself. Yeah, it’s very bad actually. No wonder we’re still being “rich but poor”, actually rich on resources, but poor on identifying and optimizing. Emi-san is very friendly and excited about Indonesia, we talked in 3 languages anyway :p (Indonesian, Japanese, and English). He’s now a volunteer for Japan Indonesia Association (JAPINDA). He invited us to come to an Earthquake seminar on early July but unfortunately I couldn’t attend later because I had to do some observations.

After chatting with Emi-san, I and Kak Frengki went to Ikebukuro to have dinner with Kak Seto. Just like Kak Frengki, Kak Seto is also an alumni of Civil Engineering ITB ’03. Kak Seto is now pursuing his Ph.D in Tokyo University (yes, Todai!). We went to a Malaysian restaurant in Ikebukuro. I did my Magrib prayer there, in the small room called ‘office’. Alhamdulillah. We had a nice dinner and chat. I listened more to them. We talked about how the life after graduation. They encouraged me to continue my study soon. (And I haven’t even finished my internship :p). Yeah, we, Indonesian students, should continue our study abroad, get some good education and being an expert about something, then return back home.

On Sunday, I went to Okachimachi and apparently I’ve posted what I learnt there on my previous post :p It’s about infaq and shadaqah. In the afternoon, I accompanied my friend, Claire, an American girl, to hyaku-en shop (where you can buy mostly everything @ 100 yen) and to Kita Urawa Park.

For the rest of the week, I did another observations to several parks and just daily life around Saitama University. I went to Kita Urawa Park (again and again) and I saw the musical fountain when it was on. So, the music come for about 10 minutes, couple of instrumental songs, and the fountain danced along with the melodies. Beautiful! Oh yeah, on Friday I started to join a free Japanese class in Urawa 🙂

See you on another post!


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