Life in Japan : Fourth Week

Hello everyone!
It’s actually my final week in Japan, but I’m just about to post my fourth week. Sorry for being late, lately I’m busy.
So here’s a brief story about my fourth week (story begins from the weekend). I went to Nippori and Akihabara on Saturday πŸ™‚ Those two places are just amazing! I went to Nippori first, it is the “Fabric Town” of Tokyo πŸ™‚ Yeah you can imagine that, anything fabric, textiles, and whatever you need to make clothes, the materials for Japan fashion are all there! So many girls, women were looking for ‘their stuff’. Even some of them brought suitcase to Nippori, probably to buy in a big amount. I was so excited to be there, but the price is still quite expensive. I only bought some laces there and I’m really looking forward to go to Nippori again πŸ™‚
The next stop was Akihabara, “Electric Town” of Tokyo. Unlike Nippori, Akihabara is dominated by male, looking for ‘their stuffs’ ranging from gadgets, games, and even some anime or whatever (there is a Gundam Cafe, and AKB48 cafe! which I personally know nothing about, and don’t want to know). Akiba, short for Akihabara, is a heaven for gadget freak, tech geek, gamers. I love gadgets anyway. I went to Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara, an electronic store to buy a new lens for my Canon and the camera bag πŸ™‚
On Sunday, I went to a seminar on Sharia Business and Economy at Sekolah Republik Indonesia Tokyo (SRIT) in Meguro. I came late so I didn’t see the first session about the sharia economy. I saw the following sessions and really enjoyed it because I was curious :p (I will share about the materials later).

Yeay Indonesian food!

Later on that day, I went to Tokyo University (Tokyo Daigaku, yes Todai) with Kak Frengki and Kak Seto πŸ˜€ Waaay too excited…! It was huge.. I really liked some of the buildings, and the atmosphere is good also. One of the spot looks similar to Stanford University πŸ™‚
On the weekdays, I did some observations as usual. What makes it different was a tea party, a farewell party for some international students in Saitama Daigaku. The tea party was arranged by the Japanese teachers in i-House. They served many kinds of food, some other foreigners brought their food, and I brought some “dodol rumput laut” from Lombok Island, Indonesia.
Time really flies!


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