Life in Japan : Sixth Week (Part. II)

Another late post, but I want to finish all my stories in “Life in Japan” series, week by week. So here goes the second part of sixth week 🙂


I met my friends in the morning and had my stomach full with some yummy halal food. After that, they took me to places where I can find souvenirs for my friends and family, some Japanese snacks that wrapped neatly. I learned how to distinguish the halal snacks among those beautifully packaged Japanese snacks. We’ve planned to go to ASEAN festival at Roppongi after hunting for souvenirs. Suddenly my friend got a phone call from her friend who was already in the ASEAN festival. She said that they still need more people for fashion show from Indonesian. My friend asked if I could be one of the models for the fashion show. She told me it’s gonna be OK and the only person will suit was me, because she and the other friends will not be able to attend the event until fashion show. After several minutes, I finally said yes *with all the nervousness*.  So, we went to ASEAN festival at Roppongi. I was amazed by all the performances, especially Indonesian! You really should watch the angklung performance video uploaded by my friend Rendy! (I’ve attached below)



At ASEAN festival, I met my lecturer when I was in my first year in ITB. He is Mr. Yudi Darma, a Physics lecturer who is apparently one of the people who select eligible Indonesian students for scholarship in Japan. He was with an ITB alumni, which later I found out, is an alumni of Urban and Regional Planning major in ITB (it’s where I’m studying now! :)). A small world indeed.

Last but not least, I finally did take part in the fashion show. Without any preparation, I just wore the Riau clothes and went to the stage with all the other Indonesian students (we went in pairs, one traditional clothes performed by 2 people). That was a once in a lifetime experience, I really am not a model, even just for fun like for the ASEAN festival :p



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