Life in Japan : Eighth Week


Hello again readers!

I’ll tell you about my eighth week during my stay in Japan. I’ve arranged to meet some people on my eighth week. I met Vanda in Harajuku. A friend of mine, Alanda Kariza, introduced me to her prior to my departure to Japan. So when I was in Japan, we arranged to meet. But before meeting her in Harajuku, we accidentally met at ASEAN festival the week before πŸ™‚ Vanda played angklung in Indonesia’s performance. I am so glad to finally meet her.

Enjoying Nutella Crepes in Harajuku

Enjoying Nutella Crepes in Harajuku

So, we had a yummy nutella crepes in Harajuku, and went on some stores since it was still summer sale πŸ˜€ It was very nice to know her and strolled around Harajuku πŸ™‚ There was a demonstration about nuclear energy when I went to Harajuku. The people who marched along the road were mostly elderly, and they walked slowly and very well-ordered. I was amazed and really hope that Indonesia can do something like this during demonstration, not anarchical.

IMG01857-20120719-1603The other day, I had a chance to attend Japan Fashion Week πŸ™‚ Thank you to Teh Irna Mutiara, one of the greatest Indonesian Muslimah fashion designers that I know πŸ™‚ She has several lines, Irna La Perle (wedding & formal gown), Up2Date, Ina’s Scarf, etc. I am so in love with her designs, especially Irna La Perle. So I headed down to Japan Fashion Week. I traveled by myself to Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba, which was the venue of the event.

IMG_3123I went to Irna La Perle’s booth and met Teh Irna Mutiara (‘teh’ : Sundanese for β€œsister”). The booth was located upstairs (I forgot how many floors Tokyo Big Sight has). There were several other designers on the β€œRemarkable Indonesia” corner. After meeting her, she took me around the area of Japan Fashion Week. I learned a lot from her and from Japan Fashion Week.


IMG_3128There were so many other talented designers around the world who created unique products. Each of them had their own uniqueness and the booths in JFW were very conceptual. I can tell whether brand A is focusing on what, B on what, etc. And there was even dog fashion area in JFW. Yes, dogs, they have their own fashionable clothes. Thank God I don’t have dog as a pet, if yes, maybe I’ll be busy choosing dogs’ clothes too :p I took some freebies in JFW and brought several brochures, from some wedding gown designers and others.

On the weekend, I visited some parks for my final observation accompanied by Kak Frengki. I went to Nippori (Japanese Fabric Town) on Sunday but unfortunately many stores were closed on Sunday. However, Nippori is one of the best places in Japan, I am so in love with all the fabrics and things over there, if it’s no too expensive :p

See you on the next post! Wassalamu’alaykum.


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