Life in Japan : Eighth Week


Hello again readers!

I’ll tell you about my eighth week during my stay in Japan. I’ve arranged to meet some people on my eighth week. I met Vanda in Harajuku. A friend of mine, Alanda Kariza, introduced me to her prior to my departure to Japan. So when I was in Japan, we arranged to meet. But before meeting her in Harajuku, we accidentally met at ASEAN festival the week before 🙂 Vanda played angklung in Indonesia’s performance. I am so glad to finally meet her.

Enjoying Nutella Crepes in Harajuku

Enjoying Nutella Crepes in Harajuku

So, we had a yummy nutella crepes in Harajuku, and went on some stores since it was still summer sale 😀 It was very nice to know her and strolled around Harajuku 🙂 There was a demonstration about nuclear energy when I went to Harajuku. The people who marched along the road were mostly elderly, and they walked slowly and very well-ordered. I was amazed and really hope that Indonesia can do something like this during demonstration, not anarchical.

IMG01857-20120719-1603The other day, I had a chance to attend Japan Fashion Week 🙂 Thank you to Teh Irna Mutiara, one of the greatest Indonesian Muslimah fashion designers that I know 🙂 She has several lines, Irna La Perle (wedding & formal gown), Up2Date, Ina’s Scarf, etc. I am so in love with her designs, especially Irna La Perle. So I headed down to Japan Fashion Week. I traveled by myself to Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba, which was the venue of the event.

IMG_3123I went to Irna La Perle’s booth and met Teh Irna Mutiara (‘teh’ : Sundanese for “sister”). The booth was located upstairs (I forgot how many floors Tokyo Big Sight has). There were several other designers on the “Remarkable Indonesia” corner. After meeting her, she took me around the area of Japan Fashion Week. I learned a lot from her and from Japan Fashion Week.


IMG_3128There were so many other talented designers around the world who created unique products. Each of them had their own uniqueness and the booths in JFW were very conceptual. I can tell whether brand A is focusing on what, B on what, etc. And there was even dog fashion area in JFW. Yes, dogs, they have their own fashionable clothes. Thank God I don’t have dog as a pet, if yes, maybe I’ll be busy choosing dogs’ clothes too :p I took some freebies in JFW and brought several brochures, from some wedding gown designers and others.

On the weekend, I visited some parks for my final observation accompanied by Kak Frengki. I went to Nippori (Japanese Fabric Town) on Sunday but unfortunately many stores were closed on Sunday. However, Nippori is one of the best places in Japan, I am so in love with all the fabrics and things over there, if it’s no too expensive :p

See you on the next post! Wassalamu’alaykum.


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