Annisaa Day “I’m Muslimah and I’m Proud”


On early February, I got a chance to be the speaker at Annisaa Day, a weekly program held by Annisaa Gamais ITB for Muslimah in campus. The theme was about Muslimah, on how to be Shalihah, how Muslimah should act, and how are the Muslimah around the world. Actually it was my second time being invited by Annisaa ITB, but it was my first time ever to be the only speaker in an event, especially Muslimah event. I was very nervousss, seriously.. (for those of you who came to the talk surely saw and felt it :p I am sorry, it was really a thrilling first time moment for me!).photo-12 The event was held in a class in SBM ITB, I came early to prepare the slideshow and there were only several sisters. Unexpectedly, more and more people come until the room is fully loaded. They successfully made me real nervous.. How come a girl like me can present something in front of the Shalihah, great sisters.. But biidznillah, I could present and share my thoughts at that time. After that, goes the Q&A session. I was very touched during the session, and I felt like I was the one who was learning from the other sisters :). One of the questions came from a sister, a junior in my faculty, about how to deal with people who always comment on how we look, act, etc. After she asked, she told us that she was there all dressed up modestly covered, with the khimar given from a friend, and she wanted us all to give a Takbir (say Allahu Akbar) for her friend. Subhanallah.

with the event committee from Annisaa ITB

with the event committee from Annisaa ITB

Alhamdulillah, I made new friends with the other sisters when the event was finished. Jazakinnallah khayran katsiiraa for all the sisters who arranged and come to the event, and you who are reading this! 🙂

I attach my slideshow below (please note that inside the slideshow there supposed to be a video of a young girl reciting quran, you can see it from youtube here) and here is also the article from Gamais of the event ->



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