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This morning I had a chitchat with my family in the dining room. It is quite a rare moment for me since I started college in a different city. Mom read some articles in today’s newspaper for us this morning. One of them was about the tasawwuf, sufi, etc. The article said that in Turkey, and some other countries the Islamic education is still pure. While in Indonesia, it is being liberated nowadays. I somehow do understand as I had my primary education in an Islamic school in Jakarta. Several Islamic schools even doesn’t look very Islamic, reflected through the students’ attitude, etc. However, Islamic schools are still become one of the best solutions for parents to teach Islam for the children. Maybe what interrupts the purity of the ongoing process of Islamic education is the environment, such as television, music, cultures and trends.

My little brother, Nazim, is also studying in Islamic school. He’s still in the 1st grade. One day I was very touched by him because he wrote on for his assignments about “what I want to be when I grow up” that he wanted to become an ustadh (‘ulama, shaykh). But he told me that when he said that in front of the class, all of his friends laughed at him. He was the only one boy who wanted to become an ustadh, in an Islamic school. Ironic, eh? That’s only one example of how environment does affect the purity of Islamic education.

Later this afternoon, my Mom told me that my brother’s friend said something like this to his Mom after performing Umrah, “Mom, I want to learn Arabic. So, when I die later, I can answer the questions.” MashaAllah. A 7 year old boy is thinking forward about the death. What I want to emphasize here, is about the process of learning Islam. Be it at a formal Islamic school, at home, from others, online, and even coming to Majlis and meet the Shuyukh or Ustadh, it is anytime and anywhere indeed. A lifelong process.

We are born Muslims. No reason not to learn Islam. Especially if we were born in a Muslim family.

And (remember) when your Lord brought forth from the Children of Adam, from their loins, their seed (or from Adam’s loin his offspring) and made them testify as to themselves (saying): “Am I not your Lord?” They said: “Yes! We testify,” lest you should say on the Day of Resurrection: “Verily, we have been unaware of this.”

– Al- A’raf (7): 172

Even Muslim converts often have more spirit to learn about Islam more than us who were born in a Muslim family. But, however, we are ourselves. Every person sent down in this Earth has his/her own role. Hope this short musing of mine will be beneficial, in a way, for a self introspection for me to dig deeper about Islam no matter what.

Anyway, do kindly watch a short video attached here about Deen and Dunya by Mustafa Davis, a Muslim convert from the United States. This video is one of the eye openers for me.

p.s: I also enjoy learning Islam through videos from Ta’leef Collective. They’re focusing on teaching Muslim converts and young adults in California, USA. Alhamdulillah I got a chance to meet the founding director, Usama Canon last week in Solo. In shaa Allah I will share more later on.



5 responses to “Dig Deeper

  1. Iya ya, kadang ironis banget memang.. hal2 yg berbau Islami justru jadi bahan tertawaan di kalangan muslim itu sendiri… 😦
    Tante Fitri doakan cita2mu mjd Ustadz (sebaik2 ustadz) nanti terkabul ya, Nazim…. 🙂

  2. Masha’Allah great reminder!

    I hope you can take the time to follow my blog and check out my articles as I start this journey and aim to inspire and share knowledge with Muslims everywhere


  3. Reblogged this on alkhair press and commented:
    The advice from Samia on the value of Islam or ‘being Muslim’ or aspiring to be a better Muslim (particularly in a Muslim school) is very interesting.

    And the video is excellent in explaining the apparent tensions in bridging creativity with practicing Islam (in the modern world). An excellent retelling, mashAllah.

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