Islam as One, Unity

Assalamualaykum, people!

Finally this piece of writing, which has been lined up some time ago, is published. It is actually a reflection from my sister’s wedding on February 2014. I’ve posted a thought on my Path account during those days on February, and decided to expand and translate it to a blog post. So here it goes.

My favorite part of my sister wedding was during the Holy Matrimony. As her younger sister, I was so touched and tears were rolling down my face repeatedly during those happy moments. When the bride and the groom did “sungkem” (an act of kneeling down, where the bride and the groom sit lower than their parents, give salam, and apologize for their mistakes and ask for their parents’ blessings), it really touched me and I felt like it touched me more than any drama movies I’ve seen :’)

Holy Matrimony

Holy Matrimony

Another best moment was to see so many ‘Ulama/Shuyookh attended the Holy Matrimony. Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani gave the marriage Khotba/sermon during the Holy Matrimony process in Arabic and another Ulama (Kiai Gus Ali) led the supplication/Du’a. After the Holy Matrimony process, there was another Ulama gave a brief marriage advice, which then continued with Tausiyah by Shaykh Hisham (again) in English. Everyone listened to his words, which was translated to Indonesian by my brother. What he emphasized after all, that we have to hold tight to the rope of Allah, and don’t separate, be not disunited (wa laa tafarraqu – as in Quran surah 3 verse 103). The rope of Allah is the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, which gave us the guidance, from the Holy Quran.

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

Kiai Gus Ali led the Du'a

Kiai Gus Ali led the Du’a

Masha Allah.. It was such an enlightening moment seeing those many groups of Ulama/Shuyookh came from different places and backgrounds with different ways in practicing the religion, from Sufism and its Tariqa to the Kiai and Tuan Guru, Salafi, all the Sunnis and Shiite. They were all there together during the Holy Matrimony process until Friday prayer (yes, it was held on Friday) led by Shaykh Hisham Kabbani. That is what we call Islam, our religion, as one. Nobody suppose to feel superior than the others, especially with that notion of self-importance. It is ourselves who pull away from being united, sometimes not wanting to be as one.

Actually, it has been taught by my father at home. To accept people wholeheartedly, make friends and silaturrahim without categorizing ourselves exclusively into particular groups only, and to see Islam from a wider perspective. Even Allah’s Sacred Place is open for all Moslems, it is us humans that sometimes become so arrogant, though only God knows what’s in our hearts.

Well, hope this short piece of writing can make us reflect and think again of what we’ve been doing and our attitude everyday. And anyway, I’m praying all the best for my sister and my brother in law!

“Verily, in these things, there are Ayat (proofs, evidences, lessons, signs, etc.) for people who reflect.” – (Ar-Ra’d (13):3)

Anyway, here’s my original post on Path couples of months ago:

Terfavorit akad nikah kakakku kemarin.. Adeknya yang cengeng meneteskan air mata haru berulang kali pada momen2 bahagia.. Pas pengantin sungkem ama ortu dan omah, udah lebih bikin terharu dari segala film drama.. Terbahagia juga lihat para alim ulama yang menghadiri acara.. Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani dari Amerika pun hadir memberi khotbah nikah dlm bhs Arab, lalu ustadz lain memberi nasihat nikah singkat, dan ada tausiyah lagi dari Shaykh Hisham dalam bhs Inggris.. Semua pun mendengarkan,. kembali lagi beliau mengingatkan ayat bahwa umat Islam harus berpegang pada tali Allah, dan jangan berpecah belah (wa laa tafarraqu). Tali Allah adalah Nabi Muhammad saw, berpegang pada tuntunan Nabi yg diwahyukan Al-Qur’an.. MashaAllah.. Semuanya, alim ulama, dariberbagai golongan yg hadir, baik Sufi dg tarekatnya, para kiai, tuan guru, bahkan pengikut Salafi dan ulama yg menganut syiah pun ada.. Semua bersatu bersama dlm acara akad nikah sampai Shalat Jumat dimana Shaykh Hisham memberi khotbah dan memimpin shalat.. Inilah Islam, satu, tidak saling merasa paling benar.. Inilah yang selalu diajarkan oleh ayahku di rumah.. Untuk selalu menerima semua orang dengan lapang dada, memelihara hubungan dengan manusia tanpa perlu mengkotak-kotakkan diri, melihat Islam dari kacamata yg lebih luas. Rumah Allah saja terbuka utk semua umat Islam.. Sungguh betapa angkuhnya manusia terkadang.. Hanya Allah lah yang Maha Tahu segala sesuatu.
Pokoknya prosesi pernikahanmu kemarin benar2 pelajaran bagi orang yang berpikir, inshaAllah.. mashaAllah,, barakallah yaa kakakku & mas buddy., *nulis sambil nangis* *masih tetep cengeng* — posted on Path, February 22, 2014.




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