Another Part of Japan: Hokkaido Trip (1)

Assalamualaykum, people!

I had the chance to visit Japan for the third time, alhamdulillah. But this time is another different story. Recalling my previous visits to Japan, the first time was at New Year’s Eve 2011 with my sister and her friends for 9 days around Tokyo and Osaka; the second one was a two-month stay in Saitama for internship as you can read here on my blog on “Life in Japan” series *click the “travel” category*, so this year is the third time for me 🙂 But actually the first time to visit Hokkaido! Yeah, previously I went to places located in Honshu island. Hokkaido is in the northern part of Japan, it is another different island and was known as a very good place for skiing.

I was so excited figuring out I’ll be in Japan on April 🙂 Sakura or Japanese cherry blossom was ringing in my head!!! Like, who doesn’t want to be in Japan during Haru season, especially when Sakura blooms???!! But suddenly a friend of mine sent me a photo from Japan Weather Association showing the schedule of Sakura blooms.

I shrugged, “Gosh.. there will be no Sakura in Hokkaido on April 😦 ”

Well, the good news, snow was still likely to be seen in Hokkaido. So, I prepared my coats, cape, and those fluffy warm stuffs inside my luggage. So there I was, leaving for Japan for the third time, but this time with my family (parents and brothers, my sister was with her husband and new family in Jakarta 😀 ). We went on a tour package with a group of people, elderly actually, mostly around my parents’ age. There was only one lady brought her child along – he was around my age – while my parents went with their children 🙂


The flight took longer as we had to transit in Taoyuan International Airport in China. I was excited to see stuffs in my favorite color – mint & turquoise – inside the airport! We spent a night at a transit hotel before continuing our next flight to Chitose Airport in Hokkaido. As soon as we arrived in Chitose airport, we went with a tour bus to a seafood restaurant. Those yummy crabs were waiting to be eaten! I brought along a small Shoyu sauce (Japanese soy sauce) with a “Kikkoman” brand, which does not contain any alcohol, because sometimes in Japanese restaurants, they serve the food with the Shoyu sauce containing alcohol/arukoru in katakana (アルコール) –> you can double check the words in the ingredients to make sure it doesn’t contain one! 🙂


that background with mint color!


the public phone’s color I couldn’t resist


ready to eat with my big bro

Our next destination was to the hotel in Sapporo (Toya Sun Palace). But we passed by to see the beautiful view of Toya Lake. I had that excited-snowy-moment with my little brother. We bought socks for kids at a mini market to be used as gloves (I forgot to bring any, LOL). Then we managed to take some pictures 🙂


before playing with the snow

freezin' yet exciting moment

freezin’ yet exciting moment

Anyway, the hotel we stayed was for just one night (we went on a tour which required us to change hotel every night because the places we visited wasn’t that close to each other, so it was quite exhausting). But the view from our first hotel (Toya Sun Palace) was really amazing! It has a beautiful garden at night, and naturally beautiful scenery at daytime (I even felt surreal, it was just like in paintings)! We can see Mount Yōtei or Ezo Fuji from a far (it is being called “Ezo Fuji” because it looks like Mount Fuji in Hokkaido, “Ezo” is an old name of Hokkaido island).

Night view at Toya Sun Palace

Night view at Toya Sun Palace


Ezo fuji / Mount Yotei on the corner

panoramic view.. mashaAllah

panoramic view.. mashaAllah

To see another part of Japan, Hokkaido – which is naturally beautiful mashaAllah, really made me wonder how awesome, how Great is The Creator 😀 InshaAllah I’ll continue to post more stories soon! *this is very late, I know, and more traveling stories are coming (alhamdulillah I got the chance to visit other countries after this trip)* But I guess it’s better to put the stories in order, eh? So I’ll write them down & let them queue 😀 See you on the next post!



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