Hokkaido Trip (2) : Showa Shinzan – Noboribetsu

Assalamualaykum people!

Continuing my previous post about my very first Hokkaido trip, I’ll share about several activities and places we visited during our stay in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido is also known for the bear, we went to Showa Shinzan to meet them! Our touristy trip was felt when we reached the place. It has big parking lot for tour buses in front of the entrance to the bears’ place, and there was another entrance to Usuzan Ropeway.

Brother with bears

Brother with bears

We saw the bears first. We bought some food to be thrown at them, apples or cookies (I don’t know how it tastes but it looks like just egg cookies). We bought some apples and a pack of cookies at the souvenir shop before entering the place. However, there was also some vending machines selling the cookies for the bears inside (yeah everything has its own vending machine here, I guess). The bears were at the bottom of the place, we saw them from above. They were so excited whenever we threw the food and they tried to catch them 🙂 However, some of them were lazy and not that excited to catch the food. Probably they were full, eh?


Then we went up through Usuzan Ropeway. The view from above was magnificent, mashaAllah. The weather was cool, and we could see Mount Yotei from a far, clear sky. Everything was beautiful mashaAllah. I and my little brother played with the snow and we were so excited :p (we live in a tropical country, so yeah, playing with the snow were kind of rare stuff for us LOL).


The view from the above (after Usuzan ropeway)


Noboribetsu Date Historical Village

Our next destination was Noboribetsu-Date Historical Village! It is a place to watch some attractions and shows about the Edo period. We spent around 2 hours over there by watching three shows. There were Ninja show, Oiran show, and another Japanese comedy show (I forgot the name, sorry). All of the three shows we watch were sadly in Japanese. Even though we didn’t really understand much about the language but they were very entertaining. In one of the shows, they invited a participant from the audience to be on stage performing the last scene with the Japanese clothing. One man from our tour appeared to be on stage. Beside shows, we can go around and buy some unique souvenirs from the shops. We visited the place on weekday, so I thought maybe there could be much more to do during the weekend. However, the place itself is very nice when it was quite empty.

The participant from our group stood next to the MC before the show started

The participant from our group stood next to the MC before the show started

Posing with the Ninja after watching Ninja show

Posing with the Ninja after watching Ninja show


We didn’t spend really much time after watching three shows at Noboribetsu-Date Historical village because we’ve got to move on to our next destination. It was Noboribetsu jigokudani (Hell valley). It was named “hell valley” because red stone cliffs encircled the area. There were several trails for hiking and more but I didn’t go any further. I couldn’t really stand the sulphurous smell around the area 😦

Well, I guess I’ll tell you more on the next post! Wassalamualaykum.


Jigokudani (Hell Valley)

maps around Jigokudani

map around Jigokudani


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