Life Updated

Salaam everyone, hello after a long hiatus of blogging!

At the time I started blogging, I intended to practice my English and writing. As time goes by, it mainly became my travel diary, some fashion/style posts, with several miscellaneous posts (like this one, ha!). It is indeed a struggle for me to keep on writing, if there’s no allocated time to write in a day. Twenty four hours seemed to be so little when there are so much things to do. Blogging itself is something I do at my leisure time, unhurriedly, containing whatever I’d like to write (or share, if it’s pictures). In the era of all things “real time”, or “live” on social medias, people somehow made choices, or rather do all things at once. Today we have loads of all the so-called “social” apps on our fingertips, from instant messaging, micro blogging, status, to photo and video sharing apps. They’re all basically have a same core value, to update and being updated with your surroundings. However, we only have two hands or ten fingers to work on our keyboards, keypads, or touch screens at the same time. So it is again our decision to “update” at which platform, eh?

I’ve been abandoning this blog for almost a year, with loads of unfinished drafts. One of them is this post which I created on April 2015 and just decided to finish and post it today *such a long break, I know* But anyway, I missed blogging. Though I can say that I’m the kind of person who can’t live without social medias (yeah, I frequently updated my life through Instagram, Path, and recently created a Periscope & Snapchat account too, you name it!), but it’s been a long time for me not writing a longer update in a blog post.

I’ve been busy, everyone is. But yeah, 2015 gave me more challenges than the previous year. Currently my time is consumed by my work stuffs, especially in property sector. I’m working on a property developer which made me learn everyday on how to understand and grasp knowledge fast, think fast, and act fast. I needed several core knowledges so I took a financial course recently as my role in the company requires me to have at least the most fundamental financial stuffs. On the other hand, my baby, my clothing line “addin’s” keeps on going with its ups and downs, and I hope for the best to continue it in the oh-so-little-allocated-times in a week!

I’m planning to finish several other drafts about my Japan Trip in 2014, as I can’t wait to share another travel stories, if you’ve been following my instagram you probably knew it earlier tho! 🙂

See you on the next post!


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