Hokkaido Trip (3): Otaru – Ice Pavillion

Hello people!

I finally found my strength to continue blogging (hurray!)
After almost two years of my Hokkaido trip (yeah it was April 2014, and now I’m writing at the end of February 2016 -_-), I’m continuing the travel story to the other side of Hokkaido. It’s Otaru!
My first impression when I saw Otaru canal was like seeing a “Venice in Japan”, though I haven’t been to Venice anyway (LOL). But it is one of the popular destinations in Hokkaido indeed.

IMG_4397 Otaru Canal IMG_4410

Beside Otaru Canal, we also visited Otaru Music Boxes Museum (Orgel Museum). I found the place was very interesting, with a warm and classic ambience.

IMG_4420 IMG_4414Along the way in Otaru, there were so many cake shops and ice cream places. It is a heaven for a dessert hunter like me ๐Ÿ™‚
On the next day, we went out to play with the snow. It was so much fun! Before I went into the bus, I passed a souvenir shop and the floor was extremely slippery with melted ice. Then I fell down and hurt my left hand ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Not having enough snow outside, we took the chance to visit Ice Pavilion. At the entrance there was a small space for kids activity like coloring and stuffs. Before entering the place, we were given more coats to make sure we survive inside! It was freezing cold inside, there was even a spot where the temperature was -40 degree celcius! We managed to continue our journey until the end of the place. There was a snow slide outside the ice pavilion and we could use a round-shaped board to slide. I was afraid a bit nervous in the beginning, but my little brother tried it first and we finally did it couple of times together ๐Ÿ˜€
IMG_4508 IMG_4527

Well, see you on the next post!


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