Hokkaido Trip (4): Ishiya – Chitose

We continued our journey to Ishiya Chocolate Factory & Shiroi Koibito Park. Ishiya Chocolate Factory is located in Sapporo, too. Ishiya is a company which produce a well known Japanese ‘shiroi koibito’ (cat tounge cookie-sandwich with white chocolate filling). We took a tour inside like a museum tour, and saw those shiroi koibito in the making 🙂




Before we were leaving Sapporo, we dropped by to Rera Outlet Mall in Chitose. A premium outlet for some branded stuffs and they also have Lego outlet (which is why my brother was happy :)). The trip was almost over. But I found some interesting stuffs at the new Chitose Airport. Doraemon, you know it right? (It’s my all time favorite cartoon since I was a kid). I read the comic books and watched the series. There are some spaces filled with Doraemon artworks and walls, even cafe and library!








And who doesn’t like Royce Chocolate? ^^ One of my all time favorites from Japan.

I really enjoyed my time back in Hokkaido and it definitely makes me want to go back! 🙂


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