Daily Juices by Cold Press Indonesia

I just had some daily juices intakes on the past several days with Cold Press Indonesia (again!). As I’ve mentioned earlier on my previous post about Cold Press, they have these little bottles of juices that can be consumed daily. I had mine for twice a day consumption. I had the first juice in the morning before meals, and the second one in the afternoon.

Daily Juices by Cold Press Indonesia

Daily Juices by Cold Press Indonesia

I love these small 250ml bottles consisting of three ingredients from Cold Press Indonesia. As a sweet tooth, I always find juices with sweet tastzes are the best 🙂 Some of these Cold Press daily juices have honey as one of the ingredients which make them taste honeyed and sweet. However, some of the juices don’t have honey in the ingredients yet they still taste sweet because of the fruits inside the juices, they are mostly made from a mixture of veggie and fruits.

Actually I really love all of the flavors of daily juices, my previous choices were Veggie Rhapsody and Berry Hunter. But at the moment my favorite was watermelon orange twist juice 🙂 Every flavors of the juices has their own benefits. We can order six of them as the signature pack of Daily juice, or other packages of four bottles. Our choices will depend on which benefits we’re focusing on. For example we can order Immunity C package to boost our immunity, it will consist of 2 Watermelon Orange Twist juices and 2 Freshen Up juices.


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