Nami Island, South Korea, 2014

Hello readers!
I know I’ve been through a very long absence from this blog. And yes, I probably don’t have to mention this but I’ve updated my journey through other channels (mostly Instagram). If you have been following my Instagram you’ve probably realized several places I’ve been to in the past three years. I shared most of them using #SamiasTravelDiary hashtag on Instagram (but recently there is somebody else on that hashtag too, who happens to have the same name with me, LOL). I mostly share about my style through Instagram, also during my travels. However, there are many more to see from the journeys:the landscape, the views, and other beautiful things that I encountered. I never shared some of the pictures and stories before in other social media, so I decided to share through the series of my blog posts.

Let me take you a little step backward to 2014 when I traveled to South Korea. Frankly, I’ve never dreamt of going to South Korea. I am not into K-Pop, K-Drama or other pop culture stuffs about Korean. I only like the food (yes, it’s always about the food :D). I went there with the group from Indonesian Shopping Centers Association to visit several malls in South Korea. It was a study tour. Therefore, we had a lot of meetings with the mall management team. However, we managed to go sightseeing to see the beauty of South Korea. One of them is Nami Island. So here are some pictures that I took back in winter 2014. I never watched “Winter Sonata”, a popular South Korean tv series, but I saw several signs in Nami Island showing the location of the series.

Prewedding session on freezing cold weather

South Korea – Indonesia

Tried to make Baymax snowman from Big Hero 6

In my opinion, Nami Island is a very beautiful place. But it is a very small island, so make sure that it’s only a half day visit on your itinerary. Surely you can explore other parts of South Korea prior or after the visit to Nami Island.

I’ll see you on another post!

*hint: I will do several photoblog to recap my travel diary.



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